Save The Children

Why Save the Children?

Our Mission

At BeaVan Charities Inc., our core mission is to tackle the critical challenges of malnutrition and abandonment facing children in Sierra Leone. In the shadows of a devastating civil war and the destructive Ebola outbreak, we've anchored our efforts in not just providing immediate relief but fostering a sustainable environment where every child can thrive, free from the pangs of hunger and the insecurity of abandonment.

Why Save the Children?

The question isn't just why, but how can we not? With every staggering statistic, such as the 34.1% of children under five being stunted due to malnutrition according to UNICEF, the need to act becomes more urgent. These aren't just numbers; they represent lives, potential, and futures cut short. Save the children means safeguarding the future of not just Sierra Leone but our global community.

Unique Challenges

Sierra Leone's children face a dire cocktail of challenges, from the scars left by a brutal civil war to the ravages of the Ebola virus. These events have not only strained the country's healthcare system but have also disrupted the very fabric of society, leaving the most vulnerable - our children - in peril.

Our Strategic Approach

Understanding that no single intervention can solve these deep-rooted issues, our strategy encompasses a holistic solution. From nourishing bodies with essential nutrients to kindling young minds through education and emotional support, our aim is to build a foundation from which children can grow, prosper, and eventually, lead the way forward.

Feeding Programs
  • Donation to children in dire need of nutritional support.
  • Implementing feeding programs that provide not just meals but a balanced diet essential for healthy development.
  • Specialized infant and pediatric nutrition initiatives focused on the crucial early stages of a child's growth.
Building a Home

We recognize that the fight against malnutrition and abandonment doesn't end with food and shelter. It's about creating a place that feels like home - safe, secure, and filled with love and opportunities for learning and growth. Through our efforts, we aim to restore hope and provide a stepping stone towards a brighter future for these children.

Impact and Transformation

Every child we reach is a victory in the battle against malnutrition and abandonment. By providing meals, education, and emotional support, we're not just saving lives; we're building futures. Our programs are designed to empower children, giving them the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition.

Real-Life Stories

Take Mariatu, for example, a young girl who, before coming to our program, had never attended school due to her family's situation. Today, she's not only catching up on her education but is also thriving, both physically and emotionally. Her story is just one of many that fuel our passion and dedication to this cause.

How You Can Help

Join us on this journey to save the children. Your support can take many forms, from donations and volunteer work to spreading the word about our mission. Every bit helps, and together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these children, offering them hope, health, and a chance at a brighter future.

In our continuous effort to embrace innovative solutions, we now accept cryptocurrency donations. This modern approach enables us to broaden our reach and streamline the donation process, making it easier for you to contribute to our cause.

Volunteer With Us

Beyond financial contributions, your time and skills are invaluable to us. Whether it's helping with our feeding programs or contributing to our educational initiatives, your volunteer work can make a profound difference in the lives of these children.

Our Vision for the Future

Our dream is a world where no child goes to bed hungry or feels the pain of abandonment. Through our concerted efforts, we're not just working to save the children today; we're striving to build a future where every child in Sierra Leone, and beyond, has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Join us in making this vision a reality.

Contact and Support

For more information on how you can be a part of our mission, visit our website or contact our main office. Together, we can forge a path to a brighter tomorrow for the children of Sierra Leone. Your support is the beacon of hope that will guide them towards a future filled with possibilities.

How You Can Help

Is Save the Children a legit charity?

Absolutely, and thank you for asking this important question. BeaVan Charities Inc., dedicated to serving the needs of children in Sierra Leone, operates with transparency and integrity. As a registered non-profit organization, our mission is deeply rooted in providing sustainable solutions to combat malnutrition and abandonment among children. We are committed to utilizing every donation and resource efficiently to impact the lives of these children positively. Our work and progress are regularly reported to our donors and the public, ensuring accountability and trust in our efforts to make a genuine difference.

Is Save the Children a religious organization?

No, BeaVan Charities Inc. is not affiliated with any religious organization. Our foundational motive is humanitarian. We believe that every child deserves a chance at a healthy, nourishing life, regardless of their background. Our focus is solely on addressing the critical challenges of malnutrition and abandonment that children face in Sierra Leone. This mission transcends any religious boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life in the shared goal of saving children and nurturing their potential for a brighter future.

What is the salary of the CEO of Save the Children?

At BeaVan Charities Inc., we prioritize transparency in all our operations, including financial compensation. The salary of our CEO, like all financial information, is disclosed in our annual reports available to the public. It's structured to align with the non-profit sector standards, ensuring that the majority of our funds directly support our mission in Sierra Leone. Our objective is clear: maximize the impact of every donation in saving lives and fostering sustainable growth among the children we serve. We navigate our financial decisions with careful consideration of our overarching goal - to provide hope and real solutions to the children in need.

How does Save the Children get money?

Our funding primarily comes from the generous contributions of individuals who share our vision of a better future for children in Sierra Leone. Additionally, we've embraced innovative solutions such as accepting cryptocurrency donations, broadening our reach and making it easier for donors to contribute. Grants, charity events, and partnerships also play a crucial role in our funding. Each donation, big or small, propels our mission forward, helping us to implement vital programs. Your support enables us to be a beacon of hope and a source of tangible change in the lives of children who need it the most.

How effective are feeding programs in combating malnutrition?

Feeding programs are at the heart of our strategy to combat malnutrition, and their effectiveness is profound. By providing balanced, nutritious meals, we tackle the immediate issue of hunger while addressing long-term health concerns. These programs are designed not just to feed but to nourish, ensuring children receive the essential nutrients necessary for healthy development. Our success stories, like that of young Mariatu, showcase the transformative power of these feeding programs. Children who were once struggling are now thriving, both physically and academically. It's a testament to the impact of well-structured support and the foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty and malnutrition.

What support is available for children facing abandonment?

Children facing abandonment hold a special place in our efforts. Beyond providing food and shelter, we aim to create a nurturing environment that feels like a home, filled with love, security, and opportunities for personal growth. Our programs offer emotional support and counselling, ensuring children recover from traumas and enjoy a sense of community. Educational initiatives empower them with knowledge and skills, preparing them for a promising future. We're dedicated to offering a holistic approach to care, helping each child to heal, learn, and dream within a supportive framework that understands their needs and aspirations.


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