Who we are and what we do!


The organization currently consists of three Board members including the President and Founder and is in the process of expanding the board membership to five and putting in place a Board of Trustees.

We are working with the Manager of Beavan Charities registered locally in Bo Southern Sierra. We started a small feeding program and have been providing nutritious food mainly Rice and Sauce the staple food and so far have been able to reach approximately three hundred children every month due to funding constraints.

From the feeding program we have been able to identify and take into a temporary home which we have setup, six homeless kids who now need
to be fed, enrolled in school and provided with access to medical care.

An old building has been donated to Beavans but it is in a bad state of disrepair. A rough estimate of $10,000 has been provided to us for refurbishment and furnishing for us to utilize as a group home so we can take in, care and educate more children.

 $30.00 a month will provide for the feeding and care of one child


$20.00 a month will feed 20 children in the feeding program each month


Donate Today and Save these young lives.


We will ensure that 100% of all donations go to cover program costs.


We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization.  All donations are tax exempt.




"Investment in nutrition, especially of women and children,

contribute significantly to the Socio-Economic development of a nation"

~  Esther Pratt, Founder/President