Who we are and what we do!


The organization currently consists of three Board members including the President and Founder and is in the process of expanding the board membership to five and putting in place a Board of Trustees.

We work closely with existing health facilities to determine the nutritional needs of patients at their pre and post natal and children’s clinics and provide Ready-To Use Therapeutic foods for distribution among affected children.  Most severe cases will receive in-patient treatment. Without treatment these children will die

$35.00 will provide nutrition supplement for one child with moderate to acute nutrition problems


$40.00 will provide a six month nutrition supplement to traditional food for a child


$50.00 treats one child with severe malnutrition


Donate Today and Save these young lives.


We will ensure that 100% of all donations go to cover program costs.


We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization.  All donations are tax exempt.




"Investment in nutrition, especially of women and children,

contribute significantly to the Socio-Economic development of a nation"

~  Esther Pratt, Founder/President






Children's Malnutrition Unit