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Donation To ChildrenIf you want to make a donation to children, there is no better way to help than to provide the gift of life itself. This is about more than just giving money or giving toys or toothbrushes or other needed items or resources. This is about keeping kids alive who would otherwise lack the food that they need even to survive for another day on this planet. The truth is, this is what many children in the world need most. Sure, these other items help, and these other things can help make their lives more enjoyable and comfortable and ultimately satisfying. But there are so many kids who don't even have the food that they need to stay alive day after day that they can't even begin to think about these other things. It won't do them any good to have books to read or to have even something as wonderful and beneficial as education if they aren't healthy enough to even sit up in bed. We need to get our priorities straight. Food is the energy that all of life runs on, and if you want to donate something to kids, your donation should focus on empowering children who are lacking this critical, most important resource. Here at BeaVan Charities, we have developed a way to provide this resource for many of these children. All it takes is support from individuals like you who wish to make donations. This is the last element that we need. We have already identified the needs that exist in Sierra Leone and other similar regions. We have been there ourselves and seen the hospitals that barely qualify as such where these under nourished children are currently staying. We understand the needs that exist on the ground in these areas. We have created a line of nutritional supplements that are designed for children and infants and that will allow us to combat the ravaging effects of malnutrition that run rampant in Sierra Leone today. We have established relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers that can create and deliver these supplements to the children at the hospitals who need them. All we need now is the continued support of those who have the ability to give to this mission. Children are some of the most precious things on this planet. The fact that they aren't able to care for themselves in many cases without the support of parents and community leaders simply shows the needs that exist that much more plainly. These kids need us. Hey need us to donate everything we can to them, including our time and our resources. They are worth saving. They are worth helping. Join with us to combat malnutrition with your donation to children. Donation To Children
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