Bradenton Cataract Surgery

Bradenton Cataract Surgery

Choosing Coastal Eye Institute for your Bradenton cataract surgery will give you peace of mind that the best eye doctors in the region are performing your procedure. If you've been diagnosed with catracts or suspect that cataracts are dimming your vision, we invite you to contact our staff at 941-748-1818 to request a new patient appointment. We can evaluate your eyesight if needed and recommend a method of correcting your vision, whether cataract removal is needed, eyeglasses, or another type of corrective treatment.

5 Benefits Of Having Cataract Surgery- One is Unexpected!

1. It's no secret that opting for cataract surgery will treat associated symptoms and improve your vision. If you've noticed double vision or blurry vision, are having a difficult time driving at night, or have given up favored hobbies due to not being able to see well enough, cataract surgery will restore your vision, making objects more crisp, clear, and colorful. You'll see immediate results after Bradenton cataract surgery, with additional improvements as your eye(s) heals.

2. Have you been experiencing a diminished quality of life due to cataracts? It's not easy maintaining your independence with cataracts since everyday activities can become harder- even simple things, like reading, playing card games with friends, or watching a movie can be negatively impacted because of cataracts. The good news is, cataract surgery is safe and reliable; in fact millions of Americans opt for cataract surgery every year.

3. You may be surprised to learn that cataracts lead to other eye problems- most commonly, eye inflammation, but can also lead to glaucoma, so it's important to discuss your cataracts with a reputable eye doctor who can give you sound advice on when it's time to schedule Bradenton cataract surgery. When it's time, you'll be in the very best hands as a patient at Coastal Eye Institute.

4. Seeing better will keep you safe at home, on the road, and when you're out and about. The simple fact is that better vision reduces the likelihood of having an accident. Statistics show that driving safety significantly improves- up to 50%- after cataract removal. Reach out to our doctors and staff at Coastal Eye Institute for more information about cataract surgery.

5. Research continues to show that cataract removal may improve some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. This may sound far-fetched, however, it should come as no surprise to learn that poor eyesight can diminish one's mood and cause depression; better eyesight may be of help in maintaining mental clarity.

If you'd like to learn more about Bradenton Cataract Surgery or any of the other eye care procedures provided by Coastal Eye Institute, contact us today to request an appointment. Stay connected with us online by bookmarking our website or following us on Facebook or Instagrm. When you're ready, give us a call at 941-748-1818. There's a wealth of free information available on our website, as well, including news articles, patient resources, optical procedures explained, doctors credentials, and information about our practice.

Bradenton Cataract Surgery

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