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St. Luke Church Of God In Christ Chicago

St. Luke Church Of God In Christ Chicago At St. Luke our primary goal is to represent Christ as His body here on earth. Thus, our hands are His hands - our feet, His feet - our tongues, His tongue - our bodies, His body - to be used to bring Him honor and glory. You will find that we emphasize the high standard of God, namely His Holiness. The Holy Scriptures teach: "But, as He who has called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation, Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am Holy." - I Peter 1:15,16 "Follow peace with all men, and HOLINESS, without which no man shall see the Lord." - Hebrews 12:14 These Scriptures are sufficient to show that we are concerned about becoming the holy people God requires us to be, for we are created for his pleasure according to Revelation 4:11. The St. Luke Church of God in Christ was founded by Elder Luke Austin, September 22, 1942. Elder Austin was born in Shelby, Mississippi in 1908, moved to Chicago in 1923, and married Miss Addie Harris in 1928. The Lord saved Elder Austin in 1931. Under the leadership of Bishop Eleazer Lenox, Elder Austin served the Lord for eleven years as a faithful church member, choir member, deacon and minister. Being zealous for God, he came to the north side of Chicago in 1942 and opened a little mission at 971 N. Franklin Street, with only his wife at his side. Through their faith in God, hard work, and perseverance, the mission grew. In 1943, the church moved to 900 N. Orleans. This mission was rented for $25.00 per month. A few years later, the Lord blessed Elder Austin to purchase the lot at 914 N Orleans. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, the founder of the Churches of God in Christ, came to this lot – filled with rubbish and prayed God’s blessing. He said, “This place is going to be a blessed place; God is going to bless this place.” And bless it, God did. In 1962, a major portion of the edifice that stands today was built. Faithful members gave as God blessed them. Some sold potato chips, skins, popcorn, etc., under a little tent on the corner in order to give a donation to the church. Mother Austin went out regularly on the street and gathered the little children to sing praises and listen to the Word of God. With this effective effort to become directly involved in people’s lives, the membership continued to increase. Elder Luke Austin believed in prayer and preached the Word of God as plainly as possible. In the ministry, he was a giant who pastored a progressive church to the glory of God until his death – May 10, 1978. On May 14, 1978, the late Bishop Freeman Guy Green of the Fifth Jurisdiction of Illinois officially appointed – Elder James C. Austin, Sr. – son of the founder – as pastor of the St Luke Family. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with a Bachelor of Science degree. Taking up the baton of holiness, even as his father carried it, Pastor Austin has demonstrated a genuine concern for souls. Bishop Austin has a vision of building a Monument of Holiness. This Monument will be an enduring work, an energetic organization, a spiritual body which will attract masses of people for the purpose of praising and promoting the beauty of holiness. This vision is coming quickly to fruition. The little mission which began on North Franklin is now the largest Pentecostal church body on the near north side of Chicago. This church seeks to 1) strengthen the individual and the family, 2) edify the church, and 3) reach out to the residents of the community and world – all to the glory of God. St. Luke Church Of God In Christ Chicago
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