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Rehab Center South Dakota

Rehab Center South Dakota

While it is true that there a lot of post-acute rehabilitation facilities in South Dakota, not all of them are created equally. For example, different rehab centers have different specialties, and some rehabs are cleaner, friendlier, and better equipped to address the needs of their patients. In terms of how our post-acute rehabilitation hospital facility is run, we warmly invite you to schedule an appointment for a tour at Spearfish Canyon Healthcare. We would like you to see for yourself how our staff interacts with patients, what our facilities are like, and how rehab is administered.

Further, not all rehab centers in South Dakota treat the same thing. Some rehabs treat drug addictions, and others treat mental health disorders. Here at Spearfish Canyon Healthcare, we specialize in skilled nursing rehabilitation, long-term assisted living care, and specialized memory care.

What Kind of Rehabilitation Center is Spearfish Canyon Healthcare?

Providing high-quality care and an environment that promotes healing and happiness are among our top priorities at Spearfish Canyon Healthcare. Here, we have licensed and certified staff members to provide personal care services for primarily three groups of people:

Post-Acute Rehab Hospital Patients

Many of our patients are individuals who have been discharged from an acute hospital but require further rehabilitation services. In a skilled nursing post-acute rehab center, individuals have the opportunity to heal and get strong so that they can go back home and get back to life as normal as quickly as possible. Medicare pays for up to 100 days for post-acute rehab stays. Our resident patients receive top-of-the-line rehabilitation therapy at Spearfish Canyon Healthcare.

Assisted Living Patients

Spearfish Canyon Healthcare has always offered private bed inpatient rehabilitation for our long-term assisted living patients. Ordinary nursing homes may not suffice for assisted living patients who demand more hands-on, specialized care and treatment. Spearfish Canyon Healthcare is proud to be home to one of the best rehabilitation programs of any rehab center in South Dakota.

Memory Care Patients

Not many nursing homes in the state offer all of these rehabilitation services under one roof, and Spearfish Canyon Healthcare is the only post-acute rehab center in Spearfish to provide such services. We treat patients with diseases like Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, and we also provide skilled nursing home services for brain injury patients.

Spearfish Canyon Healthcare is an Inpatient/Outpatient Rehab Center in South Dakota

Spearfish Canyon Healthcare offers both inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation. Ideally, patients who need post-acute care should receive such treatment in a licensed and certified rehab center, such as Spearfish Canyon Healthcare. Still, some people are suitable candidates for outpatient rehabilitation. This means they can receive the intense therapy that they need each day and go home when they are done.

Contact Spearfish Canyon Healthcare today to schedule a tour of our rehab facilities and discover why so many people and their families entrust their personalized care to us. We know that you will feel welcome and safe here.

Rehab Center South Dakota
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Rehab Center South Dakota
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