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Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Agoura Hills

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Agoura Hills

Foy Wellness & Recovery is a premier rehab for outpatient mental health treatment in Agoura Hills with the best IOP and PHP programs and experienced medical staff. Our therapists work in a private and group setting with our patients to help them combat their behavioral and mental health issues via customized treatments and therapies. Here are a few tips to help you choose an outpatient treatment program:

  • Accredited clinical staff

When searching for the best addiction treatment centers, make sure to join a facility with an experienced, certified, and highly qualified staff team. It takes a competent and friendly medical team to help you attain your recovery goals in a safe, speedy, and pain-free manner. We are a leading Agoura Hills outpatient rehab with a dedicated team of clinical and non-clinical staff who work relentlessly to help you embrace sobriety.

  • Integrated treatment approach

Not everyone responds to the traditional treatment or shows significant improvement with just one type of therapy. Individuals battling with addiction need an integrated treatment plan to help them overcome the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms and learn critical coping tools.

At our PHP/IOP Agoura Hills rehab, we use several evidence-based and holistic methods in private and group settings to help patients achieve sustained recovery. Our integrated treatment approach allows us to customize the therapies based on recovering addicts' interests, wellness goals, and what works best for them.

  • Customized treatments

With most rehabs following a cookie-cutter approach for treating addiction, you want to look for rehab facilities that create personalized recovery programs for individuals battling chemical dependency issues. No two people suffer from the same addiction disorder. Every person's substance abuse circumstance and recovery goals are unique, making one-size-fits-all rehab programs impractical and useless. As a pioneer Agoura hills addiction IOP rehab, we create customized treatment plans after assessing each patient's addiction and medical histories. 

  • Low relapse rates

You want to look for rehab for IOP treatment in Agoura Hills, with the lowest relapse rates. Relapse is a common occurrence in recovering addicts in the initial 6-12 months following rehab treatment. Individuals recovering from addiction can feel bombarded with triggers and cravings in the first couple of months after rehab treatment as they adapt to the real world. Rehabs with the lowest relapse rates offer highly effective outpatient treatment for mental health and addiction, equipping patients with essential coping skills to manage stressful situations safely. We have a high success rate, as over 95% of our recovering addicts maintain sobriety for more than a year after completing IOP treatment with us.

  • Focus on underlying mental health issues

Last but not least, you want to join a rehab that focuses on identifying and treating addiction's underlying triggers and causes. As a premier IOP rehab in Agoura hills, we use evidence-based and holistic treatments to treat the co-occurring mental health disorders alongside addiction.

Call us at 1-805-558-0839 to speak to an addiction health therapist or to verify your insurance. Foy Wellness & Recovery is a top-rated rehab for outpatient mental health treatment in Agoura Hills with the lowest relapse rates and several positive reviews.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Agoura Hills
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Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Agoura Hills
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